Fitness Workout for Women

Plus Size/Beginner Workout – Follow Along

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  1. Just did this for the first time! I love your training style- the first beginner's workout where I didn't feel patronised/talked down to- I'll be back twice more this week!

  2. I've been hoping for something like this for a while…now.. I am a person that has fantastic leg strength and general stamina, but upper arms and core exercises are a struggle.. it's nice to know that short planks are an okay place to start. Thank you <3

  3. Good workout. I'm on medication that has a side effect of weight gain… great when you're already aged over 50 and overweight. I'm hoping a little exercise will balance it at the very least and maybe I'll actually lose some. I haven't seen the inside of a gym or exercised in 30 years so gotta start slow.

  4. This is awesome!! Not too strenuous, but definitely a sweat going. Thank you!! So many say they are for bigger people and endup being nearly impossible to do. This one is great!

  5. This killed me! I hate to admit, but I couldn't physically make it to the last set. I came on here, complained, then backed up the video and finished. But that meant I took too long a break … right?
    Will I REALLY get better, or am I just too far out of shape? (My shoulders and neck are just ridiculously weak.) I made excuses for years because I have a physical disability (birth defect), but I'm turning 50, and I'm done looking at myself literally falling apart. I turn 50 in exactly a month. I know I'm not going to drop 50 pounds or anything drastic like that by then, BUT if I could look in the mirror and be proud of what I've achieved so far this month, I think I'll have the encouragement to keep going.
    Besides, my husband needs me. He's in much worse shape than me on many days. Without my physical support, he'll be in trouble.
    But that brings me to my real question: Do I stand a chance to be as strong as a 21-year-old again?

  6. I try and do this workout 3 times a week like you suggest in the video,and it seems to be working for me. This video is one of the only workout videos I could find that I can do within my fitness level. Thanks so much Sarah!

  7. Thank you, Sarah! I just found your video, and tried the exercises. I will do them 3 times a week,just as you tell us to. I had fun, and enjoyed doing the exercises! I am a 56 year old lady, and have gotten too overweight. I like the pace of your video, and hope to get into better shape. Cheers! ~Janet in Canada <3

  8. This is my second week doing this. Today was the 5th time. I have decided if I can help it, I will not be taking a break. Last week I did it 3 times then didn't do it again until Sunday. Hurt a lot on Monday morning. So I'm going to try and do it at least 5 times a week if not 6 times.

  9. Congrats on your new baby!!! Please, when you return to doing videos, do some more plus size/beginner workouts. I have followed your channel for a couple of years since I first started on my health journey. I fell off the wagon for about 2 years, but in 2016, I have decided to take control of my health and weight! I could definitely use more videos like this!

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