Workout Meals

Post Workout Meal Advice: During a Cutting Diet

“LIKE” or “SHARE” my shyt!! Example of a typical postworkout meal for us during a diet. More example to come!!
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  1. Wow I havent watched old Chris videos in a long time. It just goes to show that he built a great bodybuilder body on Wal Mart protien, Dennys, and simple carbs like apple juice. I see all kinds of dumbasses buying all kinds of dumb shit and trying to time it right. Just eat right hit your reps and track your progress. No need for all this crap out there. By the way whey is food not a supplement. I see alot of dumasses calling whey protien a supplement. It is a meal replacement. Thank you Chris Jones for giving away all your secrets. I dont buy shit

  2. hey all, out of all the weight loss diets that I have been on, the only one that changed
    everything for me was Adams fat code (find it on google). Absolutely the most amazing diet that helped me get my life back.

  3. He must of been doing a drop set or something on the first exercise cause I'm not as big as chris what so ever and I be throwing 4 plates on them bastards.

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