Workout Meals

Post-Workout Meal: Banana Waffle and Mushroom Pesto Omelette

We are back! And for this episode, we are glad to be #workingwithSpotify! Today I will share with you this post-workout meal combo of Banana Waffle and Mushroom Pesto Omelette—quick and easy to make in the morning, to fuel you for the day!

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  1. The moment I opened and see, once again, The Judy Ann's Kitchen…, Woah, what an extravagant "new normaL" kitchen you got there. And, I Love it bcuz You started it by "Washing Hands in 20 seconds🧤👏bravo! Good job🙏I missed you, tOo😷
    By the way, I Love Bananas, WaffLes, and Pesto🥠🥟🥚🥞🍌
    Good job, tOo, Bcuz You Are aLso, now, a pLeasant hairdresser 💇💞

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