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Post Workout Meal | Ectomorph Muscle Meals – Episode 1

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In this video, I wanted to share one of my favorite post workout meals. Spaghetti and meat sauce.

It’s actually a quick cook time (about 15 minutes) and packs a nice punch of calories.

This post workout meal contains a total of:
Calories – 910
Protein – 62g
Carbs – 104g
Fat – 28g

Pasta (3oz)
Ground beef 93% & 7% (8oz)
Sauce of choice
Coconut oil (1 TBSP)
Side of Bread (2 slices)
Side of veggies

Comment below and let me know if you want to see more of these Ectomorph Muscle Meals!

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  1. 307 calories for beef
    112 calories for pasta
    117 calories coconut oil
    160 calories Bertolli
    Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce IF 1 CUP of it is used
    140 calories sliced white bread
    Veggies = 0 calories

    That adds up to 826 calories. Some calories are lost in cooking. So what gives? This guys info is inaccurate.

  2. Awesome video! Made this meal myself and loved it, but had to go with 90/10 ground beef cause I'm broke haha.

    Would love to see more videos on bachelor type/quick meals with chicken/potatoes/rice etc, it's REALLY helpful. That and do you have any tips on cooking frozen vegetables so they taste pretty good?

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