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Post Workout Meal for Champions (Cooking Tutorial)

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  1. i do you workout abs but i cant do it all at once so i take a lot of breaks,i mean your video is 6 – 7 min long and i am done at 15-20 min 🙂 what can u tell me about that? :)

  2. Hi brendan i was doing pull ups and my wrist made a sound and i continued training as i didnt feel the pain and when i woke up my wrist was painfull what should i do pleas answer brendan

  3. Ok I have a question hopefully you got the answer I'm in high school and football season is literally here and everyone tells me your power comes from you legs so I was wondering if there was any kind of work out I could do at home to make them stronger bc I know there is always room for improvement and oh yea hurry and release the new merchandise for sale can't wait any longer man

  4. Man i can't imagine how much you cried when you prepared this onion bag xD
    Love you chanel ! keep it real, you love your life this is the most important example of success you give me ! 
    CYA BRO ! <3 :D

  5. Hey quick question I am able to c my ribs and to be honest I think it's gross sometimes I'm afraid to take my shirt off at the beach it's so gross iv been trying to eat more but I feel like nothing's.working what do I do

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