Workout Meals

Post Workout Meal Ideas Whether it’s weight loss or strength training, these post workout snacks and meal ideas will speed up the results of your training efforts.

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These post workout meals have essential complex carbs and protein to help repair your muscles after your workout in order to build strength. From protein chocolate peanut butter smoothie to a handful of almonds and fruit, you’ll have no excuse not eating a nutritious meal.
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  1. why the fuck is she telling us to eat complex carbs after working out.. why would i want a cup of almonds, so i can slow down my digestion while im trying to get all the glucose to my muscles? OK

  2. ahem ahem…your post workout meal has to be mainly simple carbs and not complex carbs because you want to restore your glycogin stores. Protein is often out of the question because you can have that later (like 1 hours later or so).

  3. Horrible video, people below me have explained why. I can't believe this has so many views, I feel bad for the people who listened to this. You should take it down so you don't get more people to eat foods that won't help after a workout.

  4. lol, she even says you should have proteins and carbs to "refuel your muscles" and then she goes and recommends fats and fibres like cheese, almonds, hummus and peanut butter. thumbs down.
    i'd get some proteins and carbs without fat in.

  5. cheese= fat slows down digestion
    nuts = fat slows down digestion
    tuna crackers = fat + complex carbs
    rolls = complex carb
    choclate shake = soya milk which stops the absorbtion of protein + fat

    Hey.. great video for a post work out shake (not)

  6. hello im going to start trying to get rippend for this coming summer im gonna lift some weghts and work on my cardio. im a lil over weght im 21 years old im 5'6 and weigh 160 can some one please give me some diet tips for weigh lose and everything i need to help build my muscle like protein stuff and how much to eat. thanks for your help. im a guy BTW LOL

  7. Why did rubyphoenix09 get a thumbs down for that? (S)he is right.

    large banana 135 + 2 T. peanut butter 190 + 1 c. TJs chocolate soy milk 130 = 455 calories / 2 servings = 227.5 calories per serving if shake is halved

  8. after work ouyt you need fix muscles fibers, tuna and peanuts have a lot source of protein that can help you to do this.
    carbs are a good source of immediately energy and hence that`s why you need before to work out.

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