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Post Workout Meal – Why it is necessary | Guru Mann 6 Week Shredded Program

To accomplish the desired results we need proper training and nutrition. This video gives information about the importance of post workout meal and supplements.

Guru Mann trains you and trains with you during his 6 week transformation program –
burn fat and build muscle to sculpt your ideal physique.

You can achieve your desired body goals with this fitness program which gives you insights about exercises, body recovery and nutritional plans to follow.

Check out for more information and detailed exercises!
Your ultimate destination to get healthy and look fit!!

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  1. @Guru mann apke jasi body banani hai..bus dis is my goal …main aaj tak kisi Indian bande ki is level ki natural body ni dekhi bhai,main B natural body banaoga we love paji

  2. sir, there is lots of supplement here . to buy on whey protein with all these its quite expensive. and second if our parents will see these supplement either they will throw them or we will not hav that much money to buy them .
    Sir if u can suggest some more post workout diet excluding supplements

  3. hello sir…
    i'm a 20 yr old college student .i workout in the my post workout meal is also my dinner what should i eat as dinner for proper muscle growth?

  4. hey guru ….i have one simple question for you ?
    can i start taking this much protien like from day 1 …..i am 250 lbs right now i prepared my mind to give it a go for your 6 weeks program
    so should i start taking all these supplements from day 1
    or do i need to build little bit form and then start

    looking forward your reply bro.

  5. hey bro tis is swapnil i have a query i am 18 year old i want to build a natural body i consume whole egg with milk as post workout drink is it good to have a whole egg i am kind of skinny guy i want to get some serious bulk please do rply asap ????

  6. Dear Mann Sir,

    First of all thanks for your valuable tips for the good health!!!!

    I want to confirm from you can i eat soya beans instead of egg whites after workout because i am vegetarian?

  7. Have started following the 6 week program. Have started feeling the results in just 5 days but not taking any protein powder. Have been having 2-3 egg whites do you suggest more? And also noticed you wearing a lot of basketball t shirts? Do you follow the game? O do as well and would like to increase my jump. Please do help if you can.

  8. ur a idiot lol u dont need seperate bcaa's ur protien already has all the essential bcaa's 5.5 grams in each whey protien scoop if ur taking 2 scoops thas 11 grams stop telling people to waste money on bcaa's

  9. Hello Sir. Post workout currently i take a juice (apple,pineapple,kiwi,papaya) with a chicken sandwich & after sometime (5-7 mins) i go for my protein shake. Is this procedure correct ? From what i have been told the body requires carbs immediately after workout & hence i take the protein shake after the consumption of some carbs. 

  10. Hey .. thanks your videos .. its great . Great workouts .. after Ramadan I lost lot weight I am 5'11 ..188 pounds 11% body fat .. I want to get back up 200 pounds .. try to keep my body fat low.. can u recommend some meals and workouts for gains for me .. I never took anything besides protein and creatine ..

  11. Guru sir its awsm ur meal plans..but hw much gap of time we have to keep between our meals??? And at what time we have to start our first meal in morning? ? And sir plz mention time of each meal .thnkyou

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