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Post Workout Nutrition For Muscle Growth: Meal Tips For Bigger Gains

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Troy opens up the muscle building blueprint (The Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding) and his personal favorite sports nutrition book (Nutrient Timing) and shares with you hard gainers the number 1 tip for maximizing lean muscle gains following a resistance training workout.

Post workout nutrition is probably the biggest X-factor for maximizing lean muscle growth and replenishing muscle glycogen.

When you go in the gym like a beast and break down your body via healthy micro tears it is vital that you put the proper post workout fuel in your body that will result in maximum muscle recovery.

Watch as Troy shares his perfect post workout nutrition plan for muscle growth. Make sure to watch the entire video for the details, but here are the 3 most important aspects:

1. Speedy carbs
2. High quality protein
3. Vitamin C / Antioxidants

1. Speedy carbs are the most important aspect to post workout nutrition. These carbohydrates will help to shuttle amino acids into your cells and spike your insulin, which is the most important post workout nutrition protocol.

These “fast carbs” will also help to replenish muscle glycogen that is lost during intense workouts and prepare you for the next workout.

2. High quality protein is the perfect partner in crime with speedy carbs, and will help to maximize protein synthesis and muscle recovery.

3. Vitamin C and antioxidants help to blunt cortisol post workout, which is vital to transform your body and enter an anabolic state.

That is the perfect post workout nutrition formula. Make sure to watch the entire video as Troy explains in detail each aspect and tells you specifically what he eats.

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Post Workout Nutrition For Muscle Growth: Meal Tips For Bigger Gains


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  1. I just started trying to gain weight, one of the biggest issues I have is just having the appetite to eat all of the food, will I get used to it or do I need to eat less filling foods?

  2. I eat well throughout the day and usually go the gym in the evenings. After I workout I have my protein shake and maybe a banana, should I be eating a full meal after a workout ??? I'm shredding btw.

  3. Rlly you don't need one fucking supplement if u wanna get big. In fact choose some whole and/or organic foods instead. you'll notice the benefits (micro nutritions). Still this video covers some good basic info , so +1.

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