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Finishing up the workout nutrition series I’m talking about the things to eat after you’ve finished your sessions. It’s an important element, often overlooked and sometimes with some honest reflections on your session needed! Key takeaways:

1. Have I got time to eat a whole meal within 45 mins of finishing my session? If no then convenience items like a shake & a banana come into their own. If you do have time then I’d always recommend a whole meal.

2. What makes a complete, good quality protein source? I discuss leucine, why it’s important, the content in different foods & how much you need depending on what your aim is.

3. Do I need carbs after my workout? If you’ve worked hard and earnt your carbs as Charles Poliquin used to say then yes it’s important to top up your glycogen stores. But if you’ve sat on the bike or walked the treadmill for an hour you’ll have mainly been working aerobically and using fat as your fuel, so having a huge carbs serving probably isn’t necessary!

4. Micronutrients to battle-harden you for winter- Lots of vegetables in your post workout meals, especially if you are training hard because of the impact lots of training has on our immune system. This is so key if you want to ward of those annoying little coughs & colds this winter and being able to keep training!

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