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Nutrishop NuTek Nature’s Fuel powdered Multi-Vitamin

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  1. You say carbs are good , but I want to lose weight , I'm a endomorph so I need to lose weight before I gain muscle. Not sure if it goes hand and hand & I can do both . I'm also trying to get rid of my LH …

  2. Hello Jen,

    I know you have probably been asked this question multiple times but I can't seem to find the answer in any of your videos or comments. I wake up at 4:30am to work out (Only time available) and I am unsure of what pre-workout would be best. I usually have a banana and BCAA but I am afraid it is not enough carbs. What would you recommend for someone who has to work out in the AM and doesn't have time to eat and digest a meal? I apologize if you already answered this question. lol. Thanks!!

  3. hi jen I discovered you about a month ago I love the way you talk I weigh 162lb right now lost 10lb but for 1 month not losing any also I don't do cardio much any suggestion?

  4. I've just discovered you. I've been eating clean for a year and have lost 49lbs in 52 weeks. I still have lots to shed but I'm stuck so need to up the anti. So I've started your vids from the beginning and so far I'm quite into you 🙂

  5. I work out really late at night so I don't like eating right after as I go to bed about an hour after the gym. I don't want it to sit in my stomach and be stored as fat. What do you think is good for post workout late at night?

  6. yay! i'm so glad i discovered your channel! i've been following you on ig for so long and had no idea you had a you tube! question, do you drink alchohol?! if so, how much and what kind?? every time i drink i feel like it takes me 5 steps back

  7. Hi Jen, since I have been following your nutrition tips, I have lost fat and don't even do half as much cardio as I used to, so thank you so much. I am forty, have three kids and am loving how my body is changing for the better because of your advice on how to eat to truly LIVE! XXX

  8. Hi so I always use a prewotkout because I can't digest food fast enough. Some times I eat half of a banana with some almond butter about an hour before and I will still be feeling like the food wants to come up. Any suggestion?

  9. Hi Jen! Im so happy to see you on youtube! It's nice to see you for longer than 15 seconds haha. I have a few questions: you mentioned you do rice or potatoes for quick absorption post workout, but I thought complex carbs took longer to absorb (thats why they're "complex")? Also you mentioned fruit preworkout to sustain you, but I thought fruit was simple carbs, so they would absorb faster? There's so much info out there I'm just a little confused. Thanks for your help! xo 

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