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  1. You always say that one should see what works for him best depending on the results he gets. I am not sure as to when I should see results by as a woman training about 3-4 times per week with heavy weights? Do you have a rough estimate? (so i could see if my training and eating routine is working for me)

  2. Whats with the pwo hype these days? Ronnie coleman had one cup of black Coffee for his pwo.. kids these days go and put a shitload of caffeine in their bodies not knowing what harm it can do to their digestive system. I bet you in 20 years people will be talking about these pwos having caused all types of problems like GERD and IBS. Be careful about your pwo guys and girls.

  3. I love this! Thanks again, and again, and without a doubt for your future videos.

    I had the same feeling. I get pretty damn good pumps with a small meal (1-1/2hour) before the gym. I'm going to try two next time

  4. at the end of the day none of this matters thou… as long as your workouts are good and you get in all the macronutrients you need for your goal, you will be fine… i find it funny how science in nutrition has evolved so much these past few decades, yet still there are no drastic improvements in human body if we compare bodybuilders from the golden era and nowdays and no, insulin and GH guts, and 270lbs monsters who are shorter than an average girl do NOT count as an improvement… people spend too much time thinking about details while not even being in that level where you might need to pay any attention to them… yes, Mr.O competitors might actually have a need to use different grips on a barbell or eat a meal at the right time of the day, but 99,9% of the people who actually pay attention to stuff like that are at the level where they should just shut the hell up, eat dat chicken and just lift heavy stuff. just eat what you have to eat, when you wanna eat it and you will be fine, unless you are Jay Cutler ;)

  5. So if I'm fasted from the night before ,eat 350cal. of oatmeal, train for 90min. burn 700-1000cal. I theoretically burned 350-650cal. of fat ,but it cann't be that simplified can it ?  

  6. Today I ate 4 eggs and 1/2 Kebab 90 mins pre workout. Felt so bad, was feeling less power and burping also if added too much weight nauseous. So I recommend, if you are having a big meal better dont work out at least 2h after it. I think such a big meal takes more than 1hr to be fully digested and asimilated into the body.

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