Workout Meals

Pre-Workout Meals: MuscleSport Mayhem w/ Gregg Valentino

In this MuscleSport Mayhem vignette, mSm Managing Editor Gregg Valentino shows us what he eats and drinks befroe hitting the gym.

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  1. Vinegar is supposed to help with acid reflux. I understand the concept, but I had a bad experience. I was at a post wedding party or whatever and I got the worst heartburn ever. This guy across the table tells me that I should take a shot of vinegar and it'll calm it down. So after consulting with others and thinking about it for a minute I took the shot. Then I went straight to hell. Maybe I should have taken it before my heartburn.

    Gregg been watching you since 2006 man, you're one of a kind. Thanks for entertaining us!

  2. Gregg is my idol I want a 30 year old gf when I am 57. I love your flip phone burner old school I have a basic phone with no email nor text. Your mother in law lives with u and your gf. Dam she snores like a mother fucker?

  3. Another good one Gregg, I ate almost exactly the same thing today but with and few spoonfuls of natural unsalted peanut butter. Yeah apple cider vinegar too. Keep making vids brother. Have a good workout.

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