Workout Meals

Pre Workout / Post Workout Meals and their Effects

Is there a perfect Pre Workout Meal Formula? What about Post Workout Meals for Recovery?
My present opinion, kinda complementary to the recent discussion of crag snacks.
A good read: (US) (DE)
Book Recommendation: 0:37
Theoretically Ideal “Training State” of the body 1:30
Proper Pre Workout Meals and Timing 6:49
Post Workout Meals 19:35

Pre Workout / Post Workout Meals and their Effects by Mani the Monkey

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  1. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and insight Mani. It definitely confirms some "testing" that I have done.
    I definitely agree w/ your statements and have to say on my end that carb'ing up, skipping breakfast & not eating late helped my progression A LOT. Ive tested my body in many different ways to see what helps the most. Ranging from keto diets, going vegan, taking supplements and etc. But what it all came down to my eating pattern and timing really matters based on what your sleep cycle is like. Lower salt and sugars meals and not over eating is the key items of what helps. The biggest issue is knowing when I over ate or if I am just hungry for "boredem" sake.

  2. I'm from Glasgow so I like potatoes LOL. But potato has one of the highest values for insulin index out there. Jennie Brand-Miller showed this nearly a quarter of a century ago. Check out Figure 2 of their paper – only jelly babies beat them and breakfast cereal is a lot lower! So much as I think steak and potatoes is a good meal, potato would not be a good choice if one is prone to reactive hypoglycaemia. I ate lots of potatoes every day for a six week period last year with the continuous glucose monitor on and I can tell you that potato was pretty much the perfect food to induce reactive hypoglycaemia. Amusingly, the data from the above paper is on page 129-130 of your textbook, but for some reason they did not put on the insulin figures, which is a shame.

    These textbooks are okay for getting a general overview of the subject but they very rapidly go out of date. In this case by a decade. A lot has changed in the literature since then. Worth having a look at this well executed 2016 study. Check out figure 6. Do these athletes have any issue using or replenishing glycogen on the lower carb diet? Carbohydrate intake at the mouth and carbohydrate availability in the muscle are two different things. When you consider this, it starts to become clearer how a low carb diet is possible in sport performance. And this is saying nothing of the mode of exercise in rock climbing..

  3. Thank you very much for your take on the subject! Have you ever considered writing a book about your opinion and experience on the topic? You seem to have a wealth of knowledge, and significantly more to offer.

  4. Very busy lately. Keep em coming 🙂
    Even though your opinion on supplementing is clear (not to supplement at all if you eat the right stuff), what is your opinion on supplementing only very little Creatine (1-2 grams) during the climbing session between burns to avoid the negative effect of too much water/volume? (as suggested, I think, by Eric Hörst and others…)

  5. The research on creatine is very complete and there has been a huge amount looking at every little detail. People who eat a healthy non-vegetarian/vegan diet are around 60% saturated in creatine most of the time. This is from an avg of 1-2g of creatine/day in the diet. Supplementing with just 3g/day means that your stores are usually full (the rest is waste), which is otherwise cost free. The benefits are well documented (although not as huge as people would like to make you believe) and there are no indications of downsides (well, there is one study which sais that if you are susceptible to Male pattern baldness, there is a small chance creatine might make this happen earlier in life.) Here is a great summary (also just a great website)


    I was going to send a journal entry, but this video will be more entertaining. A little deeper dive into the endothelial cells by a Dr. you may know. Thank you for your content. You got a big fan here in Boston 😁. Great video as always. So that's why I got to pee at night… No more late night rice bowls.

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