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hi everyone! first off, as i said in the video, i hope you’re all staying physically and mentally health. this is my current morning routine while self-quarantining. if possible, i highly encourage developing as much of a routine that you can during this strange time to help you feel as normal as possible. remember to be gentle with yourself and i hope you enjoyed hanging out with me!

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– superset 1: dumbbell glute bridges – 4×15; banded abductors – 4×25
– superset 2: mountain climbers – 3×20; sit-ups – 3×15
– superset 3: kettlebell hammer curls – 2×25; kettlebell overhead tricep extensions – 2×15
– finisher: 21 kettlebell swings, 21 crunches, 21 plank shoulder taps, 14 kettlebell swings, 14 crunches, 14 plank shoulder taps,7 kettlebell swings, 7 crunches, 7 plank shoulder taps

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