Quick Fitness Workout

Quick 10 Minute Core Workout – Pain in My Abs!

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  1. Hi Fitness blenders. I have a question, I have a major back arch (it's my natural spine alignment) I cannot place my back flat on the ground. So whenever I do the Jack-knife crunch I get a shooting pain in my lower back, how do I compensate to avoid the discomfort? Please and thank you

  2. After brutally working my legs I was shaking on the 2nd set of the 1ST round of a regular plank! Phew! However, after finishing I feel MAR. VE. LOUS! And almost like I could fly, since my wings would be one of the few muscles I could still rely on in the next day or two… Haha! Anyway, thanks for the burn guys! Love u!! xx ????

  3. this was fun i broke a sweat but it really wasnt that hard on my abs i didnt really feel that burn. I might have been doing them wrong or cheating. maybe i was letting my back bridge when trying to do the toe touches.

  4. (Plank) "This is nothing"
    (Supline plank) "easy"
    (Middle of video) "almost done"
    (End of video) pants oh my good god I'm dying!"
    (Says workout is not a work out) ????….."screw it! I'm getting a pizza and going to watch tv until nightfall)

  5. Ive done this 4 out of the last 5 days and I can tell it's getting easier but I'm still dripping sweat at the end. It's the perfect workout for me because it works really well in a really short time frame.

  6. I was feeling so confident then he hit me at the end of the video with "this workout is nowhere near considered a full workout so add it to another workout" fuhhhhhhhhhhh

  7. I have a hard time doing jack-knife crunches, and I can't keep my legs hovering off the ground while doing the cross leg raises. What muscle/muscles do I need to target to get better at doing those? I've been doing your workouts for at least a year now, but I can't seem to do those.
    Great workout!

    Thank you!

  8. Hey there I suffered a c2 fracture back in October of last year what are some good an work outs that won't strain my neck while it's still healing? Love all your stuff been watching it for 2 years now and counting.

  9. Question about reverse planks: Sometimes I feel like my butt is so big that I'm practically not even off the ground far enough to do the move fully. Am I doing it wrong? Also should I always feel like my feet are gonna fall off from that move

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