Quick Fitness Workout

Quick Ab Workout with IFBB Pro Ryan Terry

Ryan Terry shares his quick ab workout tips for his 6 pack ab secrets.

In this workout he details his favorite moves that helped him build his top 2 Mr Olympia midsection!

USN Athlete Ryan Terry’s Quick Ab Workout Routine:

#1 – Hanging Leg Raises 3 Sets to Failure
#2 – Weighted Cable Crunches 4 Sets 12 Reps
#3 – Cable Wood Chop 3 Sets 15 Reps
#4 – Planks 4 Sets 1 Minute Holds

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  1. Random anatomy tip: the external oblique's action is same side trunk flexion, as well as opposite side torso rotation. So, if you are doing wood cutters twisting to the left side, you are primarily working the right external oblique (internal oblique does same side rotation, so you would be working that too, but that muscle is more deep and is not superficially visible).

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