Quick Fitness Workout

Quick Arm And Shoulder Workout – At Home Upper Body Workout with Dumbbells

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  1. What about the Ventral Raises. I broke my shoulder 2 years ago and I can't get the arm straight up yet so is it possible for me to do the exercise or should I skip it??

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  3. You are correct. you can make your workout sessions much more productive if your eating the right foods to avoid fat and belly.

    Listen my senior in gym daily having this secret food items to kill his belly with less excercise.

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  4. Great job. One question. Can I purchase any of these workouts on dvd and where can I go to buy them or can I purchase them over the net. Thanks. God Bless.
    Birmingham, Alabama

  5. Hi Daniel, is this workout good also for women? I have sloping shoulders, and I'd like to make something for it. Which one of your workouts would you suggest? I don't want my arms to become too big though… Thanks 😉

  6. Man i love the pain in my muscles while working out, but that lowers my flexibility.
    Again aftet the workout, my muscles are normal(alright).

    Can you tell me upto what extent should i continue a set?

  7. made..
    really good except for the sixth (really bed for my broken shoulder.. i repeated the fourth). Guys I guess you are the best on internet.. You should make just more workout for men to gain weight and mass.
    Great job, really professional without sexy butt or tits.. although your girl is wonderful.

  8. i have made my workout routine ( i don't know is it wright or not). all workouts are from your videos,
    monday :Upper Body Functional Strength Training + Cannonball Shoulders Workout
    tuesday: Upper and Lower Back Workout + Fitness Blender Fast Abs + cardio (Double Ladder Burpee Madness)
    wednesday : off

    thursday :Upper Body Functional Strength Training + Cannonball Shoulders Workout
    friday : Upper and Lower Back Workout + Fitness Blender Fast Abs + cardio (Double Ladder Burpee Madness)

  9. I woke up this morning thinking "Im way to tired to work out", checked my youtube and this was the first thing I saw. Took that as a sign. I LOVED this 😛 I only have 5lb ankle weights but im weak and this is a start :)

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