Quick Fitness Workout

Quick Booty Building Workout from Home

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  1. I need help, I'm helping my girlfriend get a bigger lower half and gain weight all over but she started around a month ago , should she take shakes and what exercises build bigger thighs and helps your bum get bigger. She's quite slim so I guess is a bit like you when you start 3rd out, help me please.

  2. +BODiBiDAY i just did this workout and my lower body and especially my butt is burning lol i love all of ur workouts and videos u do such a beautiful job i wish u could train me i need so much help with my fitness journey but i know i cant give up until i hit my bodygoals u are such a beautiful person ur spirit and energy is warm and loving, thank u for spreading love and encouragement love u daysha ur body is perfect i really need to get my booty like urs #bodygoals…u are so gorgeous love xoxo

  3. wow this exercise was killer, and my two boy's made it a little harder cause they kept trying to get on my back lol????. Great exercise, thank you for the video! ☺

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