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QUICK BURN BOOTY & THIGH WORKOUT | In the Name of LoVe by Martin Garrix ♫

Quick Booty & Thigh Workout for Tight Butt & Slim Thighs
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The Booty & Thigh BURN is REAL! This quick burn leg workout is no joke! You will feel an instant burn and in your butt and your thighs will be super tight! Love this song as well! “In the name of love” by Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha. Share this workout with a friend for me 🙂

This video is going to sculpt your butt and your thighs and is super short but super effective. This is a great way to lift your butt and slim your thighs. It’s a great exercise for both men and women and beginners to advanced. It really targets those outer thighs as well.

Exercise 1:

Start on the mat in a side position with the left knee and left hand on the mat. Your other leg is extended out to your side hip height and your foot is in flex position.

Part 1:
Kick your leg to the front towards your chest, then back, then in forward or backward semi-cirlce and then back with kick. Repeat approx 5 times. Try not to move around and focus on the squeeze on the leg.

Part 2:
Bring your extended leg back up to hip height, keeping foot flexed. Raise your leg in 3 pulsing motions. Begin at hip height 1, then up 2, then up 3 and then drop right below hip and repeat. (approx 5 times)

Part 3:
Keeping leg extended at hip height single pulse up/down. (repeat 10 times)

Now Do the Other Side & Repeat Above. (Right hand and right knee on the mat)

Exercise 2:
Lay face down on the mat, arms crossed in front under your chin with head raised. The trick here is to get your thighs off the floor. Proceed to pull both legs from the knee backwards towards your butt..keeping thighs off the ground. Repeat. (approx 5 times)

Then do each leg separately..Right leg then left leg.

Then finish with both legs again. You will feel a burn in both your glutes and your hamstrings.

After you finish go into child’s pose and you’re done!

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About This Video:
In this video Zachary Fiorido creator of Beauty & The Fit leads you through this QUICK BURN BOOTY AND THIGHS WORKOUT – IN THE NAME OF LOVE – MARTIN GARRIX & BEBE REXHA


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