Quick Fitness Workout


Quick Calorie Burning Workout, the moves in this routine are going to burn calories fast and better still, not just in the 4 minutes but for hours and hours after! The reason being is that we produce an effect known as EPOC (Excessive Post Oxygen Consumption) this basically means your body burns calories at a much higher rate for at least 10 hours after training. So even more reason to do your 4 minutes of training, so you can burn off calories all day long. Lucy xx

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  1. Wow I thought this was going to be an east workout lol I'm like 4 min is nothing!!! Holy hell in sweating & out of breath but I keep reminding myself that it will get easier as the days go on & I'll be doing 2 workouts a day soon

  2. Feeling fabulous & loving your easy to follow videos which are in some stunning locations! They are so much better than paying high gym prices for virtual exercise classes. Thank you for sharing! ????

  3. #DONE Wow, Lucy I don't know where to start! First off, that was a great workout and I did do it two times. After all I have been following you for over a year but I really kicked in into high gear back in April. Secondly, the filming and editing and second timer were all fantastic. ???? I just can't thank you enough for what you do here on YouTube. I do apologize for always being a day behind but by the time the videos are uploaded I have already finished working out and need to get a shower and start the day. After all that is the beauty of YouTube it fits everyone. Lots of love from Ohio, USA. now off to get ready for church with the family! ❤️????????????☺️

  4. I lost my internet connection for a week so missed the last week of the September workouts. Trying to get back on it with October by doing this one this morning and will do the next one this evening.

  5. Lovely sunny day in the UK and a perfect day to start this challenge. I am on a mission to feel healthier and hopefully a size smaller dress in time for the new year. Whatever your reasons i hope everyone watching this video gets what they want out of it 🙂 Love to all of Lucys Squad xxx

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