Quick Fitness Workout

Quick Chair Workout | Abs, Booty, Arms

This is the PERFECT quick workout to do at work, school or your desk at home! We are going to burn some serious fat in your abs, booty & arms!

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  1. I did this at home in my home office! AKA basement. haha 😀 great workout, I like all the moves. I would love to see more like this for sure Katie. Late starting on this challenge due to a pulled groin and overworked triceps, playing catch up now!

  2. I loved this video! I sit at a desk all day and have a long commute both ways, so I'm always trying to find ways to get some sort of exercise in on days I don't make it to the gym!

  3. You are the most genius fitness youtuber I've ever seen,really!! ,and this is not a compliment it's the truth all your workouts are a mixture of simplicity fun and intensity at the same time and they did work for me for sure,I hope to see more of you in the near future so we can move forward.

  4. YAASS! I love mini-workouts, please please, PLEASE keep more coming. It's really good to keep me motivated to actually go workout at the end of a 14 hour day when I stay somewhat active throughout the day

  5. i've just found your channel, but now I can tell, that you're amazing! 🙂
    I really loved this workout, I'll do this every day at home and also at school!
    thank you!:)

  6. LOVE the idea of a light weight work out. Sometimes I have to multi task, and want to get in some exercises but don't have time to get all hot and sweaty and shower and everything.

    As for this work out, I am going to try it everyday because I SUCKED at it. I realized I have like NO upper body strength. I could only do 4 or 5 of those arm exercises. UGH! But, this will be an excellent thing to keep working on while on my dietbet.

    Thanks for your inspiration Katie!
    Sweaty Hugs,
    Amy Marie

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