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Quick Effective Shoulder Workout | Complete Workout

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Hey babes!! Welcome back! Here is a QUICK & EFFECTIVE Shoulder Workout.

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Shoulder Workout:

1a) Plate Upright Row x10
1b) Plate Front Raises x10
1c) Plate Lateral Raises x10
3 sets

2a) Barbell OH Press x10
2b) Single Arm OH Press x10/side
2c) DB Front Raise x12-15
3 sets

3a) Cable Upright Row x10
3b) DB In & Out’s x15
3c) DB Arnold Press x10
3 sets

4a) Side To Front Raises x6 heavy
Side To Front Raises x6 medium
Side To Front Raises x6 light
3 sets

& YOU ARE DONE! Great work 🙂


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