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QUICK FIGHTER WORKOUT – Fight Tips/Big J Extreme Fitness/Martial Club

Here at Martial Club, we are always open to trying new different training methods to expand our horizons. This week we met up with Shane Fazen of Fight Tips and Big J of Big J Extreme Fitness to try a quick fighter workout anyone can do at home! Next time we will tackle a full-on fighter training session and see how well we survive!!

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BIG J EXTREME FITNESS: https://www.youtube.com/user/BigJsExtremeFitness

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  1. I recently found this channel and as a fellow King fu fan I love it honestly such a big fan and this Collaboration video was one of the best I've seen I'm not sure if it'll interest you but my sifu posted a video on how to use Kung fu stances in real situations so if that interest you search up Nathan head Jow gar Kung fu stances and it should come up but yeah honestly love your content and this video oh btw how was training in Shaolin it's my dream to go there one day anyways peace and keep up the great work you guys rock

  2. Gent's, what you did is called "getting smoked". Now if you want the full effects of this, move 100ft into that sand and begin. Like magic, a USMC DI will appear (They're everywhere and will literally materialize out of nowhere when said smoking is in session) and show your the full thing.

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