Quick Fitness Workout

Please remember to do 3 sets of 20 for each exercise!! Equipment Needed : dumbbells (mine were 8lbs) Ankle Weights (mine were 10lbs) Resistance Bands Yoga Mat (optional) Follow me on my fitness IG page for more exercise ideas https://instagram.com/stephsanti_fit?igshid=115l7uweq5nh6 You can also follow my personal IG account as well ! https://instagram.com/stephaniiesantiago_?igshid=1mvrdfka39id1
Want to boost your post-workout recovery? Eat 4:1 carb to protein snack likes apples and peanut butter or Greek yogurt with berries. For the best results, eat this snack within two hours of your workout. Follow us on Social Media: http://www.facebook.com/sunnyhealthandfitness http://www.instagram.com/sunnyhealthfitness Tweets by SunnyHealthFit https://www.pinterest.com/sunnyhealthandfitness — Want to Workout? Then visit us at https://sunnyhealthfitness.com/workout-programs/
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Splitting your #workout days may be inefficient since we are all short on time. So when I get to the #gym late, I try to maximize my time by stacking multiple #exercises together and doing several sets. And since this barbell was just laying around with two 45lb plates, I decided to use it. (I’m