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Quick + Quiet Hotel Room Workout | FemFusion Fitness

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Quickly moving between upright (standing) exercises and floor work is a great way to increase your heart rate, torch calories, and burn excess belly fat. This routine is great for travelers because it’s quick and quiet. You won’t disturb anyone if you’re staying in a hotel. Also great for apartment dwellers!

Windmill warm-up
1 minute QUIET burpees
1 minute mountain climber plank
1 minute squat with front kick
1 minute plank with alternating hip extension (leg lifts)
1 minute pendulum side-kicks
1 minute side plank pulses (side 1)
1 minute alternating lunges
1 minute side plank pulses (side 2)
1 minute standing crunch-twist
1 minute plank with alternating punch/front reach

Not all exercises are appropriate for everyone. As always, consult your healthcare provider or trained fitness professional before beginning this or any other exercise program.

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  1. Wonderful personality and supportive family! Thanks for the great-quick work out. I'm in Toluca Mexico and there is no gym in this hotel – worked perfect. Bookmarked and will visit again!

  2. Thankyou so much for this video. Just did it in my hotel room while car tripping with my 2 little ones. So handy. A great workout when I am stuck in the room! (And it's COLD outside!

  3. Hurrah!!!! I'm a flight attendant and this is PERFECT because when I get to my room after a long day it's easy to say "nah…just not feeling like getting all ready to go down to the gym", etc! No more excuses! Thanks so much!…and I will definitely pass this along to my flying friends! :-)

  4. For the new year I want to try to start working out again, as the past few months I have done barely anything so I thought this would be a good routine to slowly ease myself back in. I'm wondering if this routine would still have the same affect if I took short (10-20 second) breaks inbetween? Because like I said I'm just starting out again. Thanks! 🙂 xx

  5. Brilliant! I am also stuck in a small European hotel room. Been doing heaps of walking but really bursting for a workout! I'll be working out with you every day. Thanks.

  6. This was a really useful video.  I'm a gym rat, but a reminder of these basic floor exercises was helpful.  I would add single leg bench squats, without weights to work the quads and glutes.   

  7. i think you just solved my 2nd floor problem.  My workouts were always Insanity or running on a tredmill, thats now no longer possible and I couldnt think of a solution.  Thank you.

  8. Great workout! I'm on the third floor too, and I didn't want to thump the floor, so this was awesome. I'm trying to get more disciplined in working out, so thank you!

  9. Bri!  This is one of my favorite videos with you yet!  I will probably do this workout while I'm staying with my family over the holidays.  It's awesome that your honey is doing the camera work while your son behaves quietly in the bunk!  True European travel style! Love. It.

  10. thanks for this! Perhaps I was just waaay out of shape, but I am sweating like a pig and I feel great. Felt more of a workout than running for 30min at the gym.. so I will prefer this in the future.. and the good thing is that you don't even need any equipment! Just perfect, exactly what I needed =)

  11. A simple but tough workout like this one is just what I'm looking for – Thanks for sharing! I love having a quick workout in the morning in on vacation – gets the day started off right.

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