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Quick Sweat Cardio Fat Burn – Fun Jump Rope Workout

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  1. i have spanking scars (is that how you call it?) all over my legs lol. i know i can jump rope but these exercises were hard and not necessarily hard as in exhausting but hard as in the techniques.. I really just kept on failing after the double jump singles.
    Kelli, respect!

  2. Is it weird that I do these jump rope work outs without the rope which makes it more jump work out? hahah still sweat and get tired.. Honestly if I was doing this with the real rope and not a make believe one, I would be messing up a lot more. hahha.

  3. I have to try that one somewhere else. I'm at my parents' house for a week and their/our dog won't leave me alone ^^ I have a plastic robe from Kettler and she tries to come to me the second I start jumping. noone else is here atm and when I lock her out she cries, apparently the sound disturbs her.. in my own flat I lack the space. Back at home I'll fake the rope and just mimick, because wow after 2:44 I'm sweating loads. amazing 🙂 but my dog doesnt want me to work out.

  4. I did not get this one my first try. I made lots of errors. I will try again. It is something to work towards. I used to love to jump rope as a child. I will try this again.

  5. Hi FitBl, which core cardio workout you would suggest for a runner? there're lots of cardio vids on your channel, i dont know which one to follow. thanks in advance

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