Quick Fitness Workout

Quick Sweat Cardio Workout to Lose Weight & Burn Belly Fat Fast

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  1. Is this workout enough for losing 4-5 kg in couple of months? I am doing 10-15 min of pilates workout (everyday) for whole body also. I want to lose some centimeters in waist and legs, and firm my butt a little. I am 170 cm tall and weight 64 kg, and my goal is 59-60 kg. Thank you!

  2. why i don't get sweat i just lost breath once i finished workout im 5'2 height and 65kilos and i want to lost 22 pounds. do you think i can make it.

  3. I'm 16, I weigh 107 pounds and my height is 5'4 but I'm extremely unhealthy with a bit of stomach fat. Should I do this exercise along with the strength training or just strength training to lose the stomach fat while also toning my body? I don't want to lose more weight than I should but I don't know what exercises would be best for me

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