Quick Fitness Workout

Quick Total Body Warm Up Cardio – Easy Low Impact Cardio Warm Up Workout

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  1. I love this! I'm a beginner and skipped a warm up before my first proper day of exercising because the only warm up activities I really know are jumping jacks, jogging on the spot etc and all that stuff is impossible in my second floor bedroom as the floor shakes and it's so loud for my family downstairs and my neighbours. Two days later and my muscles are still absolutely killing me from 25 minutes of strength/toning workouts and 10 minutes of yoga. This is perfect though, I finally thought to look up 'quiet indoor warm ups' and this looks like just what I need, I can't wait to try it!

  2. This warm up is so quick and convenient. I just did this and the Pilates leg and glutes in an airport terminal. Not gonna let hours of sitting down give me a flabby derrière!

  3. Wow this actually helped a lot more than I would have originally guessed :O Gonna visit this little session video every time before working out from now on I guess :)

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