Quick Fitness Workout

Quick Warm Up for ANY Workout

Taking time for a proper warm up before every single workout is so important in order to get your muscles ready and prevent injury! This warm up can be done before any type of workout to get your blood flowing and muscles ready for action.

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20 jumping jacks
10 knee push ups
10 squat-to-row
20 mountain climbers

Repeat 3x

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  1. Do we need to do both warm-up and stretch before work out?
    Both Cool-down and stretch are needed as well after work out?
    I am a bit confused.Please let me know your advice.
    Thank you :)

  2. I have made the decision to get my fitness up and get into shape before my 20th bday, prior to this decision I know very little about what kind of work outs I should do and how to prepare for them. This warm up video has help me tons!! Thank you!

  3. Thank you for following back me , I really happy with your information how get better in health and fitness and stay safe while doing you're programs workouts .sincerely your support , Ronnie j martinez .

  4. Hey I tried your warm up routine the other day and it was ace, 3 sets and I was raring to go, wiped a 10k off in 39 minutes, your warm up really helped, your by far the best online PT i have used.

  5. Great video. Since my injury I always do some warm up exercises before a workout, because nothing is worse than an injury just because the muscles are cold. Especially now when it is very cold outside.

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