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Quick Workout Circuit on Vacation – Paradise Pier Hotel Disneyland

Here’s the workout I did at the gym in Paradise Pier Hotel during our mini Disneyland vacation.
1️⃣lateral hop overs on step -1-2 minutes
2️⃣bicep curls – 8-12
3️⃣jumping lunges on step – 1-2 minutes
4️⃣triceps – 8-12
5️⃣woodchops with medicine ball – 15 ea side
6️⃣tricep push down – 8-12
7️⃣seated abs -30x or 1 minute
8️⃣stability ball pike with knee tucks- 30x or 1 minute
Repeat 2-3x.

I only had about 30 minutes before I needed to head to a breakfast reservation with my family and stuff my face while Mickey and his friends came to chat with us and our kids…so this is quick & effective one that has cardio and weight training that you can get done in a time crunch ????.

Trying this #womanstrongworkout? Take a pic or video during or after and share it with me by hashtagging #womanstrongworkout. I want to ask you if you ate Mickey shaped waffles afterward and did not regret it.

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