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Quick Workout Cool Down | Natalie Jill

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Quick Workout Cool Down: Slow It Down – Toe Taps
Before you come to a complete stop, just slow it down. Do this by doing side to side to toe taps while shaking out your arms. Then work your feet in closer together and continue with small taps. All while taking deep breaths in. Don’t forget to breathe.

You can then stop the toe taps and inhale while raising your arms overhead, and exhaling as you let them back down. Repeat this a few times.

Quick Workout Cool Down: Upper Body
Stretch one arm across your chest and lightly pull back stretching your back and your shoulder. Breathe through it — and switch to the other side.

Next, clasp your hands together in front of you and slightly cave your chest forward to stretch your upper back. Are you breathing?! 🙂

For biceps, put one hand out in front of you and place the other hand on top to apply some pressure. You might feel it in your forearm, too — depending on where you’re tight. Switch sides.

Now for triceps – lift one hand up and over your shoulder so your hand is facing your back, and gently press back underneath your elbow with the opposite hand. Then switch sides.

Quick Workout Cool Down: Lower Body
To stretch your quads place your hand out in front of you (or grab ahold of something if you need help balancing). Grab your foot and bring your leg back behind you. You will feel this down the front of your quad. Switch sides.

To stretch out your hamstring and glutes, cross one foot in front of the other and bend forward to reach toward your toes. Then switch sides.

Lying on the ground, cross your ankle over the other bent knee, and use your hands to bring your leg toward your chest. You should feel a deep stretch in your glutes. Put that lower leg down, and cross the upper leg across your body. Reach your opposite arm out and stretch your lower back. Then switch sides and do both stretches on this side.

Don’t forget to breathe during your entire cool down!

My favorite thing to do when I am done cooling down is set an intention for my day. After my workouts is when my mind is the most calm, clear, and focused. I can’t waste that! 🙂

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