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Rainy Day Quick Workout | Quality Time

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  1. hi Jazmine. i was wondering if you could do an in depth video on workouts for beginners? i used to go to the gym and lift weights with 2 other girls from my school but they decided to quit and i am just afraid of going by myself and looking like an idiot with really bad form and all.

  2. Completely unrelated, but I have a video topic suggestion! Since you spent so much time in Toronto and you obviously liked it, I'd love to hear a video recap outlining a list of places to eat at, visit, see, stay, etc. etc.

  3. keep up the good work Jasmin
    I was thinking maybe you can talk about overcoming like being nervous around ppl I m not a shy person but I get mistaken for being quiet how do I overcome that ? maybe it's just my personality I don't know

  4. I'd love to hear your thoughts on separating the mind from the body. In other words, do you think that we sometimes lie to ourselves because we're paying too much attention to what our mind is saying and not taking the time to stop and pay attention to how our body is feeling.

    Power of Now is AMAZING❤️ keep up the motivating and informative talks please:) never loved your channel so much!

  5. Could you talk about what you would do when you have anxiety/depression/BPD and your progress (in fitness/fat loss/strength/kindest/career) plummets due to that anxiety. So not when you're building yourself back up but when you're completely in the midst of it without motivation or even physical and mental energy to workout or make a plan, as I find that loss of progress can create further anxiety/issues too. Thank you!

    Love these updates and will check out this book! x

  6. I would love to hear you talk more about OCD, or more precisely pure O, as you called it. I've never heard it referred to as that before but it actually makes a lot of sense. I myself have had serious bouts of anxiety, which were highly fueled by obsessive thoughts. I don't have the compulsion issues, but for me the obsessive thoughts are quite overwhelming at times and can be incredibly hard to quiet. I know you said you didn't want to share your specific O, but maybe you could give examples of what others might have. My anxiety became severe when I was in my late teens, and over the years has ebbed and flowed. Each more severe bout comes with a new O, if you will. For example, my O usually has involved something medical, like constantly obsessing over being short of breath. Not actually being short of breath, but thinking of it until you are in a full blown panic and think you're going to be completely unable to breathe. There's a bit more to it than that, but that gives an idea. I think talking about it is one of the most important things people can do to combat it, and to always know that we are not alone. It's quite unreal how many people deal with it. Thank you for being open and sharing, it's an important topic and there are too many people who are ashamed and don't know how to deal with it. It's hard to talk to someone about it if they've never experienced it. Safe travels! Love your channel!

  7. Hey Jazzyyyy,
    firstly i agree. the bday cake flavor was a serious let down and the double choc is my favorite too! i nuke it for like 20secs and its delish.

    For the next video, I have severe anxiety and depression issues. Have you ever taken medication for them and do you recommend possibly trying out antidepressants? I would rather heal myself naturally but Ive been struggling big time. Also, is the happiness trap worth the buy?

    thanks and love you <3

  8. I LOVE the birthday cake flavor cookie! I have found that you have to get them from a place where they don't just sit on a shelf in the store for long periods of time. It's just like finding bad quest bars that are really hard. The only place I get them from is the vitamin shop. :)

  9. Does anxiety ever cause you to feel dizzy and spacy? Followed by fear of feeling dizzy and spacey… Sometimes I feel like something is physically wrong with me I start feeling spacy and dizzy , like I could fall to the ground or that I can't see straight anymore and then I panic even more. Does this ever occur to you with anxiety?

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