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Shoulder workout basics :

Workout plan :-
1)Barbell Overhead Press
-SET 1 : 12 reps
-SET 2 : 12 reps
-SET 3 : 10 reps, heavier weight
-SET 4 : 8 reps, heavier weight

2)Dumbbell OHP :
-3 sets
-80% failure in all 3 sets
-Increase the weight in every subsequent set

3)Lateral Raises
-5-6 sets
-80% failure
-Use super light weight

4)Front raises :
-3 sets
-80% failure in all 3 sets
-Increase the weight in every subsequent set

Latest in the bollywood bodies is my Ranveer Singh shoulder workout. My personal opinion is that bodybuilder style HUGE shoulders aren’t the most pleasing aesthetically. On the other hand, I feel that Ranveer Singh is the owner of one of bollywood’s most aesthetic physiques. This shoulder workout at gym is an ode to one of the top Bollywood actors today. Ranveer Singh’s body is achievable naturally. But if you want Ranveer Singh shoulders, you need to know the science behind correct working out. Bringing you one of the ultimate shoulder workouts for men at the gym – this is the Ranveer Singh shoulder workout. Enjoy!

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  1. bhai I want to ask an question. I am a daily drinker of rum or whisky from past 3 years. but now after I drink 2 pegs also my face is going red and heart rate going up and I feeling body pain and chest pain. What is the reason please reply.

  2. +Beerbiceps can you please make a video on how to get rid of stretch marks caused by bodybuilding. I'm a 17 year old guy and my fat % is as low as 10-12% and I weigh around 70kgs and I have stretch marks all over my chest and shoulders which are now starting on biceps too

  3. which protien powder i should opt to get the lean body cause i dont wana look bulky plus i have fat stored at my abs i am not able to get rid of it i have lost all fat from my body only my lower ab looks fatty!.

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