Fitness Workout for Men

RAW WORKOUT MEN lvl.0 (NOVICE) – Damian Sobico (Ketobuffed) – Argentina – Buenos Aires

1) ASSISTED 3s. HS – 3HSPU – 3s. HS (Belly MUST face to WALL)

2) +125% BW full ATG 3s. paused SQUAT –

3) 1x Clean Muscle UP

4) 10x +12kg PullUps 1s. deadstops each rep both UP and DOWN (Any grip, no Kip)

5) 10x +8kg Pistols each leg (20 reps total)1s. deadstops each rep both UP and DOWN (weight can be in front of the body for balance too)

6) 6s. One Leg Front Lever

7) 6s. One Leg Back Lever

8) 10x +16kg Dips 1s. deadstops each rep both UP and DOWN (no kip, full range)

9) 10x Knee-sit Knee raises 1s. deadstops each rep DOWN

10) 10x Squat Jump -Regular- 1s. ATG deadstops each rep

Body weight — 76kg
Squat 150% BW
Pistols 10 kg (plus 2kg)
Dips 17,5 kg (plus 1,5kg)

My apologies to Adam if i did some exercises harder they were (Like the squat jump). I assume That This Will Be ok. Some excercises i had to do With more weight the requested due the gym’s posibilities. And i had to take off my shoes for squatting and jumping only in that exercises for the same reason.

Curiosity : I had to restart the training 3 times (At the half of the way) times cause phone troubleshotting. 😀

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