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Rebuilt Training With James Grage: 10 Week Workout Plan for Hypertrophy | Day 2 Legs

See the Article for the ENTIRE program here!

BPI Sports Co-Founder James Grage survived a near-death car accident that forced him to re-evaluate his training. Through this adaptation, James created probably the most complete, concise and muscle-isolating systems I have ever used. My muscles all felt “worked” and fatigued at the end of each session, and my joints felt amazingly not sore.

Please try this routine – it just might change the way you look at long-term, effective training!

Here is the split breakdown:

Shoulders and Abs
Chest and Abs

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  1. just did this leg workout and wow, I don't think I'll be able to walk tomorrow…with squats at the end, I could barley put up any weight! great info guys!

  2. I'm not completely clear on set structure for the squats. Are you sticking with the same 20, 10, 10, 15 and just doing the bottom half of the motion for half of the reps?

  3. You do know that's Romanian deadlift, not stiff-leg deadlift. Your also confusing the techniques of them both. Stiff: push butt out while letting the bare hang out over your feet and not lose knees. Romanian: slight bend in knees is allowed, while letting the bare track your legs on the way down and don't push the butt out while doing this.

  4. For the supersets, You start low for the 20 reps, then a bit higher for 10x, a little bit higher for the second 10x, do I increase for the 15 or decrease since it's more reps?

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