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Rebuilt Training With James Grage: 10 Week Workout Plan for Hypertrophy | Day 5 Chest

See the Article for the ENTIRE program here!

BPI Sports Co-Founder James Grage survived a near-death car accident that forced him to re-evaluate his training. Through this adaptation, James created probably the most complete, concise and muscle-isolating systems I have ever used. My muscles all felt “worked” and fatigued at the end of each session, and my joints felt amazingly not sore.

Please try this routine – it just might change the way you look at long-term, effective training!

Here is the split breakdown:

Shoulders and Abs
Chest and Abs

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  1. is there anyway you can email me this whole program, i would like to print it out but its hard to print on the website..can you help me out…probably the best info about the bodybuilding way to workout..thank you!

  2. What's the progression like on this type of Rebuilt program?  I understand the sets and reps scheme.  Should I try to increase my weights every workout or try to squeeze out an extra rep until I can get x number of reps and THEN increase the weight?  Or is it all based on feel?

  3. Bent arm, cross over cable fly iso…
    Been a trainer for ~8 years (so I still don't know what I'm talkin about the more I learn) but, I made that chest movement up as well after watching some of Ben Pakulski's stuff. I thought I was a weirdo for doin it, glad I'm not alone anymore.

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