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Ripped in 3 Hours a Week: Workout Plan by JeromeFitness DAY 1

Since I have less time in the future I needed to adapt my workout plan. In this video I will show you the exercises I personally like to do and will teach you what kind of training styles you can get to get the results I get.

For those interested, this is the workout I do on Monday!

Day TWO:





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  1. hi
    jerome what exercise is good for skinny fat people because my chest size is 35 inch and waist size is 34 so i have got lot of fat around my abdominal area for how many time should i do cardio and weight lifting and should i quit rice because we people in india eat rice

  2. Hi Jerome, when do you do your martial arts? Do you do them on your off days? Are you worried about stressing your body too much? I play a lot of tennis, but I can never seem to find a good way to integrate workouts and tennis, since they both stress my body a lot. The same day as a workout, I don't have any energy, and on my off days, it seems to hurt my recovery for the next day's workout. 

  3. Nope, I change it every 4 – 6 weeks. So I've had over 10 new ones since this video. My newest workout routine is uploaded on my website and you can easily download it for free in an Excel sheet. Go to my website, then look for the 'workouts' tab and under there you'll find 'Jerome's personal workouts. Send a personal message if you're too lazy to look for it yourself (or if you can't find it of course) :D

  4. Wings: Pull ups
    Weight and height: See channel 'about'.
    And I consider myself mostly an ectomorph, but party a mesomorph too. Most people are a mix of two somatotypes. I don't really like to put body types in just 3 categories.

  5. No problem at all, I understand it. I'll keep watchind and reading you 🙂
    One last thing Jerome, I wanted to ask you if you consider yourself an ectomorph or a mesomorph? Im curious about that and how much you weight and height. Thanks for your response!
    PD. I forgot something… what can i do to have your "winged" dorsals? I'd love to have those 😛 do i have to train them a lot?

  6. I'm sorry, but that's too much work I'm afraid. A lot of people ask me to do this and I just don't have the time for it. Watching my videos and reading the articles on my website is the best bet. I'm not a personal trainer, so I'm not here for you alone. I teach people how to make their own routines and make a proper nutrition plan. You can ask me more specific questions if you want. See me as a teacher, I won't do your homework, but I can help you understand the tasks so you can make them.

  7. Hey Jerome, ive been watching your videos for quite a long time and i love ur way to do them. I've been working out for 1 year but i haven't seen any results (im an ectomorph). I was wondering if you could help me to get a body like yours. I dont wanna be so damn big, i just wanna have some muscle (i love ur V shape) and a low bodyfat % like u (ironically, ive seem to gain more fat than muscle over this last year, but still im a skinny guy). I have a bench etc at home, could you please help me?

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