Fitness Workout for Men

Running Workout For Men – Conditioning For Sports Performance

Hey guys, so this workout is one I used to do as part of my sprint training at Loughborough University. It is a form of Conditioning and is a great running workout for men or women who compete in a sport. This works for Football, Rugby, Tennis etc.

The distance should be around 100m, or the length of a pitch, and you should have a rough idea of how fast you’d like to complete each rep.

Start off with 2 sets of 4 runs (100m each) with a full 100m walk back as rest. Between sets you can walk back a little slower if you need more recovery. The goal is to complete all runs in around the same time. It’s better to do them all in 17 seconds than start at 16 seconds and end up at 20 seconds. However if you start at 16 seconds and your worst run is 17 seconds, that’s good because you have a faster average.

Progress to more runs and eventually move to the 50m jog, 50m walk recovery. Make sure you are pushing the limit to how fast you can complete each run, there’s no use if you’re keeping 2 or 3 seconds in the tank.

Finally, work with 30 seconds standing still as rest. This might seem easier but if you’re strict with the rest period it’s very difficult. Run back the way you came and that counts as TWO runs (there + back).

The final progression is 3 x 5 x 100m, with 30 seconds between reps and a much-needed 2.5 mins between sets. My record for this was an average of 13.9 secs for the 15 runs (done on an athletics track).

Warm up:
Warm down:

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