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SAHM weekly workout routine plus recovery meals

Hi guys looking back to my channel if you are new thank you so much for stopping by. Today I have a video about my weekly workout routine and I decided to include some recovery food options as well. I am drawing this knowledge from my times been as a soldier and my job as a dietitian’s assistant I am no longer in the service nor am I practicing in my field of nutrition I am just a stay-at-home mom that wanted to share some of my tips and things that have been successful for me.

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  1. Your dog is so adorable, that’s how I’d be working out with my dog being right next to me 😆💕 you are looking amazing! I need to start working out! That food looks so goood!! Yum!! Stay safe 💕

  2. Wow 43 degrees is considered normal!!! 😂😂 OMG!! That’s wild to me being in Georgia my whole life and now Texas. I’ve seen some of those squat workouts with a “butt lifter” coach. He says they help grow your butt. I lovvve Asparagus. And sautéed veggies 😋😋. I would definitely eat it with shrimp.

  3. Girl you are killing it with those pushups! My lame butt can barely do a half one with my knees down. I tried the other day. 😪 You inspire me to be less lazy 🤣

  4. I been trying to get my workouts in now that I’m home. Hehe your dog is so cute❤️ that shrimp and sausage skillet looks delicious 😋 I love seeing people’s dinners. I been running out of ideas for meals lol! I might have to try this 😋awesome work outs! 💪🏽☺️

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