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The best sexy back workout can be found our 90 day fitness system

This sexy back workout contains the 4 most effective exercises to help lose back fat. It’s a back workout for women that will show you how to lose back fat. To do these sexy back exercises, you’ll need access to a smith machine or bar, and a couple of dumbbells.

To get rid of back fat, these exercises need to be accompanied by a fat burning nutrition plan. It’s not possible to spot reduce but this fat burning back workout helps improve the tone and appearance of your back. But you’ll still need to get some additional fat burn through a healthy diet and cardiovascular exercise. You can get our complete 90 day Athlean-XX for Women fat loss and strengthening workout plan here

To lose back fat fast, combine this workout with a healthy nutrition plan 2-3 times per week. Do each of the back exercises for women for 10-12 reps, and if you’re advanced you can repeat the entire fat burning back workout for 2-3 rounds.

Here are the sexy back exercises for women contained in this back fat workout:

1) Smith Machine Inverse Rows
2) Bent Over Rows
3) Plank Rows
4) Alternating Leg Lifts

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