Fitness Workout for Women

Sexy Toned Arm Workout For Women – Shoulders, Triceps & Biceps

This arm workout for women has everything you need if you’re looking to tone and shape up your arms. Learn more here:

This 15 minute arm workout will be concentrating on your biceps, shoulders and triceps.

This time you’ll be performing tempo sets. Some exercises are done at a slower pace to create more “time under tension” which will challenge your connective tissue strength. Not only will this make you feel an intense burn, it’ll strengthen your tendons and joints too.

You’ll be doing 3 primary movements:

1. Staggered Curl to Arnold Press (biceps & shoulders)
2. Standing Lateral Crunch and Kick (shoulders, hips, obliques)
3. Overhead Tricep Extensions (triceps)

These will be repeated over 3 rounds. It’ll only take 15 minutes to complete.

Remember to warm up ahead of time before doing an arm workout like this. Always stay aware of your form and breathing as you do the movements. And if your goal is to lose fat or tone up loose skin on your arms, combine this arm workout with eating natural, clean food and drinking plenty of water.

Like always, this is a real-time workout. Follow along wherever you like to workout as Paul Monje leads Katya through the whole thing.

If you have any questions about this toning arm workout for women, leave a comment below.

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  1. hello, im 18 and i have started with 5 kg dumbells. in just 2 days, my muscles have started to tone like so much. but my arms hurt like they have become very stiff. and my shoulders hurt a little bit too. is it normal?

  2. I did this exercise tonight and omygosh I was sweating and my arms was burning!! After I finished, my arms were shaking! Felt good though! Thank you! I've been working out for 8 weeks and I'll add this to my exercise routine!

  3. Excellent! I have been doing arm Youtube videos for a long time and have not come across y'all!
    Definitely subscribing!
    I am doing 5 lbs. just wondered how much she is doing here? Thanks

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