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Shreddycut Ep 3 – Chest & Arm Workout, Meal Prep & Shopping

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Shreddycut Episode 3 – Week 2

In this episode I vlog on my day to day, and also cover:
– A typical Chest & Tricep Workout
– Gym motivation
– Meal Prep & Food Cooking
– Current fat loss joruney

What is the Shreddycut?

▶️Weekly vlog going up each weekend on my shreddybrek youtube channel
▶️following my cutting / fatloss over the next 16 weeks
▶️a vlog giving insight to my training, diet, supplements and daily life
▶️daily updates on twitter / insta / facebook documenting my journey to be show-shape-shreddy

It aint no gimmick, its a lifestyle

Fans of bodybuilding, fitness youtube channels or wrestling – please do me a favour, like, share and comment on this video to help me spread it!

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