Fitness Workout for Women

Simple but Very Effective Stomach Workout!

This is a great simple and effective home ab workout you can do in under 10 minutes. Fitness Model Vicky Justiz is showing some of her favorite ab exercises that you should try. These exercises will workout your core, obliques, and entire midsection.

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  1. thanks miss Justis I most likely won't be blowing up your site by over texting I don't got much more van do or say I do know I told you the truth about me and why you where such a help to me my daughter is 26years old and we really don't got much of a Chance to recover that's the truth for I got fake legs and fake people in my life and mess with my daughter and our health care thats what I'm afraid of is the people who say thay care don't but have the power and work in healthcare and are related to my daughter and ex wife who's never been their for her my sister has been her mom

  2. Thanks for making this. I'm very easily discouraged but I actually did this one. What if this is the only workout I did every day? Would I get a flatter stomachs or no?

  3. Good Job Girl! It was simple, straight forward and to the point. All in 6 minutes, excellent. I'm adding these inti my low impact workout. Thanks very much!

  4. This is honestly THE BEST ab workout I have seen on YouTube. I'm gonna be doing this everyday now! It's not TOO hard to the point I can't do it but it's just enough for me to feel my abs burning and working out. I've done this a few times now and can already see the definition coming through in my torso ???? love it. THANK YOU! Gorgeous body by the way. Xx

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