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So you want to see fast results ? try this workout routine

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Back workout routine sets and exercises all reps 8-12 reps
4 sets Lat Pulldowns
3 sets Close Grip Lat Pulldowns
4 sets Seated Cable Rows
3 sets One Arm Standing Dumbbell Rows
3 sets Iso Lateral Lat Pulldowns
4 sets T Bar Rows
3 sets Bent Over Rows
3-5 sets Deadlifts 3-5 reps

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  1. The volume is too high for anyone who's been training for a few months. This would burn a normal person out especially with the long warm up. Anyone can make another person tired, you have to help these people & give them sound advice as apposed to "push yourself" cause someone will get hurt.

  2. My biceps hang off the sides out my arm i have muscle imbalance there lol cause i used to do half ass curls when i was a kid…. i got small triceps and small shoulders front view looks flat how can i get that shape in my shoulders from the front view

  3. Guys push yourselves hard and do what you can do while you can.. I had a really serious back injury that I can't recover from! I can only exercise on the bench press and that's it for me, can't do ANYTHING else.. So take the opportunity of your ability to work out and get stronger! Activate Beast Mode

  4. The face area, right around the mouth is always a dead give away.
    And the veins coming in. Steroids.
    And if you go look at a female lifter you will see what I mean. You can always tell, even the actors can't hide it. Thor, bat man vs superman, undisputed, Spartans,ect. Look around the mouth and nose area.

  5. Finally a motivator who is saying the real words. It's about how you push during your workouts. Other people just give exercices but they don't tell you the key is to push and to concentrate your muscles during the exercices.

  6. Albaxin video… I've been watching alex Los Angeles for over a year… He puts in very hard work to get his gains.. It's sad to see cats like hating and not congratulating… At the end of the day this is why he looks like him and u look like u…. lol

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