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Spain Prep | Pre Holiday Workout Plan

I am going to Spain Ladies & Gentleman and i cant wait. I will be filming the whole thing so make sure you don’t miss out on a KISSTORY PARTY IN MARBS! and so much more. Hit that subscribe button now.

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  1. Happy 4th of July….oh wait not a big deal for you guys LOL. I did a steak and grilled corn on the Weber Grill ! Fireworks tonight from my front lawn, from City of South Miami & Coral Gables on the other side of the house LOL LOL you are in great form in the car…..I was cracking up LOL !  Holy crap that shirt does make you look huge….if the girlfriend tells you to get rid of it, nooooo tell her nooooo. I like you want to turn your channel to more than a vlog channel. LOL you lost weight on the skull that is funny LOL. Don't obsess on the weight, it's the mirror that tells the truth ! Dude it's 94 here today….whew & about to get hit with a thunderstorm. Glad I BBQ the steak early LOL

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