Fitness Workout for Women

Squat Exercises Home Workout for Women Here’s some good basic squat exercises you can do at home. You can do body weight squats, dumbbell Squats, and barbell squats. Squats are great to workout your legs and butt.
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  1. Is it just me or is her knee going too far forward beyond her foot? She doesnr seem to be maintaining (or even aiming for) proper form. And on the jump squats she's not even reaching for a 90°.

  2. Question i am doing the 30 day squat challenge at home bu ti also work from home as a CSR so most of my time is sitting and typing i workout according to the challenge. Will my butt go flat from sitting so much?

  3. I want to know what is the correct position that your feet are suppose to be in. I am seeing videos where the feet are positioned or facing out word and then I see videos like this where they are facing forward….what is the correct form?

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