Fitness Workout for Women

Standing Abs Exercises – 10 Minute Standing Abs Workout to Lose Belly Fat

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  1. I wish that I had come across "lyly amazing guide" (Google it) many years in the past as I am sure I would have been able to shed 17 pounds sooner. Google it for more information.

  2. YES. I made it through the whole way. With pauses, breaks, gasps for air and water…but slowly and surely. I made it through.

    Thank you for these videos <3

    I love you guys

  3. I've been doing this workout for 2 weeks now, and it really helps! I lost a lot of belly fat these 2 weeks! 11 pounds to be exact. If you do this for a year, I bet you'll slim down a lot.

  4. I was just watching this to see what I can do when I have some downtime during the day then I realized she is wearing the EXACT SAME TANK TOP I am wearing as I am typing this

  5. I've been doing this for about 3 weeks. And I've seen such amazing results. My love handles are turning curvier and my abs are starting to shape. Just takes determination (:

  6. I did feel a little workout in the abs but my god my thighs are really feeling it! And i think if you dont feel anything in the abs at all, your doing it incorrectly or not fast enough. And i just used a half empty bottle of hair developer, it was either that or windex.. 😛 I mean he did say a can of food was enough, and thats not very heavy aha

  7. Finally stopped procrastinating on losing my belly fat. Was about to do the other ab video that is crunch based, but i saw this was a standing one so I chose this one instead. Id much rather do this than crunches and planks tonight haha. I"ll do that one 2moro, I'm exhausted today as it is, I dont want to add crunches and planks to the mix haha

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