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Super Tips For Bigger And Healthier Shoulders | Easy Shoulder Workouts For Men


Every man craves for amazing shoulders to complete their physique. They give you width and also compliments that coveted V-taper. You may have a small waist or even a six pack abs, however, it wouldn’t look right if you don’t have a “killer pair” of delts. Unfortunately, we rarely find great shoulders nowadays, and it is not due to lack of effort. If you try to take a look around the gym, you will see that most of the people there will have an injured shoulder or perhaps sloped shoulders. But, a unique pair of cannonball delts is very rare to find. The primary reason for not achieving good shoulders is because they are not entirely balanced and consequently likely to get injured.

Here are ten tips to make your shoulders healthy and big at the same time.

Keep them healthy

Keep it flexible

Train the Cuff

Don’t do front raises

Start from the back

Learn the clean and press

Sit down

Do Superman presses

Watch your elbows

Train them often

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