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This video contains information related to pre and post workout meals, what to eat before and after workout for muscle gain. Link for the transformation video:-… Link for channel introduction video:- Instagram:- Like , Share, Comment and Subscribe if you like this Video. Music for this video is taken from:- Track: Mendum – Elysium [NCS
Hey Friends, these are my 3 favorite Pre workout meals that I consume before I go to the gym. Have fun recreating it. I would love to see your meals on Instagram. If you do it, tagg me in there. 🙂 Have a nice day :* —————————————————————————— Let’s connect: Subscribe my Channel:… Instagram:
Welcome to my channel. I will be combining juice cleanses, water fasting and OMAD for 90 days. I reached my highest weight 261 after giving birth, I am starting this journey on May 9 at 245.3lbs. Like, subscribe, comment and turn on notifications!! IG: my90daystransformation IG: PlusSizeBiker E-mail: Kisses, bye!