2-3 sets:squats on barbell (8-10 reps) 1-2 sets: bench press on smith machine (8-10 reps) 2-3 sets: deadlifts on barbell (8-10 reps) 1-2 sets: shoulder press on smith machine (8-10 reps) 1-2 sets: rowing on barbell (8-10 reps) 1-2 sets: cable pulldown on machine (8-10 reps) 1-2 sets: crunches (8-10 reps) if u want: triceps/biceps/calf-raises,
What are the best foods to include after a workout? Registered dietitian, Emmie Satrazemis, pairs up with Bradley Martyn to hear his top foods to aid in recovery after a hard workout. Check out the full article on how to gain weight and build lean muscle here Subscribe to Trifecta channel to be the
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